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In 1993 Medical & Aged Care Group commenced providing medical services in Churchill, a town in the Latrobe Valley. In the ensuing years, MAACG Medical’s  presence has grown to encompass 10 medical centres in Gippsland and Phillip Island, 4 Bayside and 2 Inner Melbourne.

MAACG Medical The heart of family medicine

MAACG Medical has carefully analysed the key components to achieving success in our field. These have been distilled into six guiding principles


Our primary role is to provide support services to our medical and allied health practitioners, their interests are our first and only priority. In achieving this objective, we allow our practitioners to fulfil their primary role, the well-being of patients.


MAACG Medical is a family owned Health Care Group. We stress team work in everything we do. Our individuals are actively encouraged to operate as a team, as this will produce a superior outcome and greater rewards for all participants.

Professional Development

We strive to recruit the best person for every position, whether it be a receptionist, a nurse or medical practitioner. We actively encourage the development of their personal aspirations and expertise. Through these people and their initiatives we are able to constantly adapt to changes in the area of Primary Health Care.


We take great pride in the professional quality of our work. Our determination to achieve excellence in everything we do is unwavering. We have no desire to be the biggest, but we are determined to be the best.

Our People

In essence, we only have three assets – our practitioners, our employees and our reputation. We nurture all of these with the up-most care. It is only through our people and their dedication that we will fulfill our objective of outstanding service to our practitioners, and therefore maintain our reputation.

Operating Efficiency

We are acutely aware that for MAACG Medical to fulfill the objectives of all its stakeholders i.e. Employees and Practitioners. We therefore strive to maximise efficiency and productivity across all areas of our organisation.

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