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Exam success for our GPs

Our MAACG Medical team would like to congratulate all the Doctors who have recently sat and passed their AKT and KFP Examinations. Many hours of study, revision and dedication go into preparing for the exams.

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners’ (RACGP) Fellowship exams consist of two written segments: Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) & Key Feature Problems (KFP)
The RACGP Fellowship exams assess a candidate’s competency for unsupervised general practice anywhere in Australia. Each exam segment has a unique and targeted approach to assessing a
candidate’s knowledge and ability.

A big congratulations to the following MAACG Medical doctors!

Cowes Medical Centre

  • Dr Adam Wilson – AKT & KFP
  • Dr Yan Lu – AKT & KFP

South Gippsland Family Medicine

  • Dr Min Zhang – AKT & KFP

Long Street

  • Dr Tilak – passed his AMC Clinical Exam

Hollie Drive

  • Dr Kasun Vithanage – AKT & KFP
  • Dr Krishma Khanna – AKT & KFP

Mid Valley Family Medicine

  • Dr Gayani Yahampathge – AKT & KFP