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Welcoming Simon Gill Podiatry!

Cranbourne Park Health & Wellness Centre welcomes Simon Gill Podiatry

Simon Gill Podiatry joins our allied health team & is taking new patients ! To book your appointment with Simon, please call Cranbourne Park Health & Wellness Centre on 5996 3275

Simon has a Bachelor of Science honours degree in Podiatry from The University of Salford, England. He ran his own successful Foot Health practice ‘Forever Foot Care’ in the UK.

Simon has worked in Melbourne since December of 2015 and quickly settled in to working life in Victoria, with a growing list of regular patients. “I have thoroughly enjoyed the great welcome from all the wonderful patients I have had the good for-tune to treat.

“I am very excited to be able to offer my Podiatry services to patients at Cranbourne Park Health and Wellness. I am committed to improving the health, wellness, mobility and comfort of my patients. I achieve this by combining tried and tested general chiropody skills, evidence based practice and innovation. I aim to communicate and collaborate with patients and colleagues to get the best outcomes. I really get a great deal of satisfaction helping people with their problems; whether an in grown nail, plantar fasciitis or with managing their diabetes”.

Appointments are approx. 30 minutes and are Bulk Billed with a referral from your GP.

Podiatry Services include:

  • Assessment & treatment of lower limb and foot complaints
  • Nail management: whether too long, thickened, growing an odd shape, fungal infection or ingrown nails (includes nail surgery)
  • Skin management: for corns, verrucas (warts) callus, cracked heels, fungal or bacterial infec-tion. Sometimes skin can be too wet or dry
  • Management of patients who have conditions such as diabetes (including Diabetes Foot Screening), Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteo arthritis and peripheral vascular disease
  • Biomechanic assessment of the structure, alignment and function of the body, including the feet, lower limb, hips, and back to devise appropriate treatment options such as insoles (off the shelf and custom orthotics), stretching and strengthening exercises to improve and in-crease efficiency of movement
  • Taping, padding and strapping to assist in injury prevention and rehabilitation of the lower limb and foot
  • Manual therapy including foot mobilisation therapy.
  • Advice on prevention of foot problems, footwear and how to keep your feet in good health