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Interview with Doctor David Izon

Doctor David Izon is a General Practitioner who has recently become an Associate with MAACG Medical Group, practising at Parkdale Medical Surgery

Dr David Izon is a multifaceted General Practitioner with over 23 years experience working in General Practice.

Dr Izon has a special interest in Cosmetic Medicine, Preventative Health, Children’s Health Checks, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, and Skin Cancer Medicine (Mole Mapping & Skin Checks) and has recently begun a Master’s Degree in Cancer Sciences at Melbourne University.

Dr Izon is passionate about teaching and currently lectures medical students in cardiology and respiratory medicine across numerous universities in Melbourne.

Dave, can you tell me a little about yourself, other than what we already know?

Sure, I’m a father of four, I’ve been in Australia for 15 years. I originally came to Australia from the UK in 1992 to train in intensive care and anaesthetics and was meant to stay for 12 months but loved it so much I decided to immigrate and stay.

What do you like about being a General Practitioner?

The interesting patients and their fascinating stories. Everyone has an interesting story and I really like uncovering them. I also really like the relationships you develop. The role is 40% medicine and 60% talking and listening. I guess I’m curious.

What are you reading at the moment?

‘Excession’ by Iain M Banks. I’m a big fan of sci-fi.

How do you spend your time when you are not working and studying?

I love music and my taste is eclectic. I used to play in a band and I’m a keyboarder.  Sport is another love. I support Manchester United and am an inaugural season ticket holder for Melbourne City. I’ve been following them for 10 years now.

 What are you studying?

I’m studying a Masters in Cancer Sciences and I’m really excited about eventually offering  community oncology services.

You’ve been an associate of MAACG Medical Group at our Parkdale Medical Surgery  for three weeks. What attracted you and how have those first three weeks been?

I wanted a good practice, with a good population, opportunity to work almost full time and study. It’s always a bit of a challenge starting at a new clinic but I’m really happy. Tash, the Clinic Manager is really fantastic and has been helpful and supportive, as are all the staff. The collegiality is great. In fact one of the other Doctors has called me in to do some skin surgery today. I’m looking forward to a long and fulfilling future.

Although it’s early days, would you recommend MAACG Medical to other Doctors?

Yes, so far it’s been good. It’s been seamless and straightforward. Meeting the team of Doctors before joining was helpful and the induction process was smooth.