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Mental Health During COVID-19

While it’s always good to reach out to others during these difficult times we also recommend taking stock of your own mental health too, ask yourself, RUOK? If you need help, we’re here for you. Speak with your GP about your mental health and allied support services available at all our Medical Centres. Read on to know how you can do better.

Why telehealth consulting with a GP could be helpful

Visiting your trusted General Practitioner could be very effective in providing early assistance for your mental well-being. However with the lockdown in place, your GP may decide a telehealth consultation could be the most feasible alternative to visiting the clinic. GPs are well versed to understand that this isolation period could be a contributing factor to your overall health, affecting both your physical and mental health. Telehealth can play a vital role in providing assessment and telepsychotherapy to patients dealing with anxiety, depression or trauma due to the lockdown. 

Being isolated at home for long periods can significantly impact you in performing your day-to-day life activities, thereby increasing the chances of deteriorating your mental well-being. As a consequence, telephonic consultation in some cases, in discussion with your GP has become another resource in providing an early analysis of your physical and mental health. GPs trained to develop strategies to reduce further risks and perform a quick assessment of the signs and symptoms, which can be effectively carried out over a telephonic consultation.

Apart from giving an early approach to keeping well with your mind, GPs can also assist in:

  • Preparing a customized mental health care plan.
  • GPs can integrate their clinical resources and experiences to identify the underlying causes of your mental health issues. They can also help in setting further telephonic consultations and referrals to specialists after analyzing the seriousness of your condition. 
  • They can work together with a  team of health professionals.

When should you consult a GP?

You should consult your GP if:

  • You feel excessive restlessness and worried about a particular event or a person.
  • Suffer from irregular sleeping patterns with tiredness in the morning or during the day.
  • Show uncontrolled emotions and procrastination of past events and people.
  • Eating disorders and sudden changes in weight.
  • Feeling stressed and unhappy, extreme quietness and feeling deserted by friends and family.
  • You indulge in excessive drinking of alcohol and smoking, use of drugs and other chemicals.
  • Deteriorating ability in carrying out day to day activities and feeling lethargic after small works.
  • Feeling of unprovoked anger and disgust.

These emotional imbalances could also mean that you might be suffering from other underlying diseases that you are not aware of, thereby consultation with your GP is essential. Across all our centres, your GP may choose to offer you either a face to face, phone or Telehealth consultation.

Through these challenging times of COVID-19, helping you to keep your optimum health is our highest priority and remember to not let isolation or other distressing issues get the better of you. To find your closest MAACG Medical Centre visit our medical centres page.