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Telehealth consultations now available

To extend the continued commitment to serving patients, GPs can now offer telehealth services across all MAACG medical clinics and have transitioned to provide telephonic and telehealth consultation options in support of the healthcare community.

With telehealth in place, GPs strive to provide some services in the comfort of your home. Telehealth is playing a vital role in providing medical consultations during this quarantine and helping to protect frontline health care teams and communities.

The Government of Australia had unveiled a $100 million Medicare package to boost telehealth in response to COVID-19.  With the current Stage 3 lockdown in place, the Government has allowed all vulnerable doctors and GPs to provide telehealth consultations to their patients including health care professionals who are 70 years and above, pregnant or immunocompromised to name a few.

Patient requests can now be considered by their GP to access telehealth by calling any of the 16 clinics across Metro, Bayside, Bass Coast and the Latrobe Valley Region. If you need a face-to-face consultation, it can be discussed with your doctor. You can find further details of services and your closest clinic at