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Thank you for your hard work

The heartfelt expression of gratitude from Medical & Aged Care Group Executive Chairman, Ian McPherson, to his MAACG Medical Family was received with much appreciation.

“From the beginning of 2020, general practice has been under increasing pressure leading to a significant increase in stress from what has become one of the most serious health episodes in our lifetime.

In addition to the normal family stress, which this virus has infected on all families, all members of the MAACG Medical Group have been subjected to rapid change in how we operate, as well as an increase in the level of anxiety of our patient base. Everyone has had to adapt rapidly to a significant change in family and working conditions.

The purpose of this note is to offer my personal congratulations to all doctors, nurses, clinic managers, receptionists, and allied health professionals for your untiring devotion to the wellbeing of your local community. It is my belief, that even in normal circumstances, your work is underappreciated however, a light has been shone on general practice during these difficult times and your performance has been extraordinary.

On behalf of the board, and your local community, please accept both my admiration and sincere gratitude for your outstanding performance. Regrettably, we still have a long way to go to see the other side of the present problems, however, “I know you are all up for the task.”