Social Media Policy

MAACG Medical Group Pty Ltd have a comprehensive Social Media Policy. The following is an extract from that policy.

All company employees and contractors must obtain the relevant approval from the social media responsible officer prior to posting any public representation of the company on social media websites. The company reserves the right to remove any content at its own discretion.

Any social media must be monitored in accordance with the company’s current policies on the use of internet, email and computers.

The company has appointed an employee as social medial responsible officer to manage and monitor the company’s social media accounts. All posts on the company’s social media website must be approved by this employee.

The company complies with AHPRA national law and takes reasonable steps to remove testimonials that advertise the health services, which may include comments about the practitioners themselves. The company is not responsible for removing, or trying to have removed, unsolicited testimonials published on a website or in social media over which they do not have control.

Social media posts by employees or contractors on their personal social media platforms should:

  1. Include the following disclaimer example in a reasonably prominent place if you identify yourself as a company employee on any posting: ‘The views expressed in this post are mine and do not reflect the views of the clinic/company/committees/boards that I am a member of’.
  2. Respect copyright, privacy, fair use, financial disclosure and other applicable laws when publishing on social media platforms.

To obtain a copy of the full Social Media Policy please contact the Clinic Manager.